The Sambourne Trust is a Charity that had its beginnings in 1710.

Robert Haynes by Will dated 21 Feb 1710 gave £20, the interest to be applied to set poor children of Sambourne apprentices; Joyce Whoman gave the interest on 40 shillings to be given to seven poor Widows of Sambourne; William Hemming gave £4, the interest to be given to four Widows; and Mrs Ann Gauton gave £100 for the use of the poor. John Hobbins of Studley in 1735 left 20 shillings yearly out of land in Great Alne to find gowns for two widows of Sambourne.

From the humble beginnings and subsequent donations, plus shrewd investments by successive Trustees, the Sambourne Trust has grown to its present form, holding 10 properties that generate rental income. The assets of the Trust are providing the means to support the objectives the original Trustees perceived.

The Sambourne Trust, in accordance with the Charity Commission governing document, continues to provide assistance to elderly residents in many ways. Distribution of funds encompasses aid to the disabled, assistance to schoolchildren for the purchase of books and equipment, and money tokens to the pensioners for the purchase of goods. Assistance is given to those who are unable to afford essential repairs to their homes. The Charity also provides weekly transport for villagers to go shopping in nearby Redditch. Donations to local Charities and worthy causes can be made.

Plaque from St Peters Church Coughton

This plaque is hung in
St Peter's Church, Coughton

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