It was refreshing to commence our year without the Covid restrictions to which we had become accustomed.  This enabled us to continue with our planned property improvements which included a driveway for No 7 Cottage.  In addition to this all the windows in the four bungalows, which were single glazed in wooden frames, were replaced with double glazed UPVC.  A reduction in maintenance costs is now expected, together with improved thermal efficiency, to the benefit of the tenants.

Local tradesmen are used, as far as is possible, and they usually give quick attention.  We have used the same gardeners for many years, that keep the ditch clear of debris, maintain the hedges, and keep the grass and shrubs under control.

There have been no property vacancies during the year and there is the usual waiting list, in the event of an unexpected vacancy.

The sad and sudden passing of Neil Brown, the owner of 'Mr Taxi', who provided the weekly shopping bus, caused some consternation.  Fortunately a replacement was quickly found enabling us to continue the free service, with the loss of only one week.

Financial support has been given to the two Air Ambulances, which serve this area.  Donations have also been made to the Shakespeare Hospice, Myron Hospice, Primrose Hospice, Friends of the Alexandra Hospital and Cancer Research UK.  Studley First Responders have also benefitted from a donation, to enable them to continue with their voluntary service.  This is particularly important with the present long waiting times for an ambulance.

Donations have been made to students to help enable them to continue their studies.  Local organisations have also received financial help, including Coughton School, towards a much needed new classroom.  Lifelines have again been made available to vulnerable people within the parish.  

The Annual Distribution has continued, to parishioners of 70 years of age and over, which has resulted in many letters and cards of appreciation.

With bank interest being so abysmally low it has been decided to divert a portion of our capital to an investment with a greater potential return.

My grateful thanks go to my fellow Trustees for making regular checks on our properties and the surrounding area, liaising with our tenants and generally assisting with the smooth running of the Trust.

D. Shaw